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Best Bathroom Storage Ideas to Keep This Small Space Tidy

The Bathroom may be your smallest space. It's important to keep it organized and functional. Here are some ideas to help manage your bathroom!

Towel Ladder

This good-looking ladder makes use of vertical space in the bathroom while keeping hand towels easily accessible. The whimsical basket at the foot of it can hold anything from extra towels to toilet paper and more.

Drawer Dividers

You probably have them for your kitchen utensils, so why not trick out your bathroom vanity drawers with dividers? Sort everything into groups like eyes, teeth, hair, and then label each section to help keep it all straight.

Stylish Storage

Just because something is useful doesn't mean it can't be stylish, and vice versa. Here, a lovely vintage cream and sugar set holds cotton swabs and pads, and a lantern container holds bath bombs. Both add considerable charm to the space while helping to keep it organized.

Monogram Hooks

Instead of towel bars, which are impossible for small hands to keep orderly, think about hanging monogram hooks in the kids' bathroom. It'll help the littles keep track of which towel belongs to who, too.

Over-the Door Hooks

This trusty hook rack, which simply slides over door tops, will keep towels off of the floor and organized even in the tiniest bathrooms. And installation couldn't be easier!

Bathtub Tray

If you love sinking into a steaming hot bubble bath, then you'll want to make sure that space stays uncluttered. A bath tray can hold necessities like candles, books, soaps and more (dare we say a wine glass?) so your beloved tub stays tidy.

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