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Best Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Home This Season

If you find it difficult to stay on top of your home cleaning routine, you're not alone. If you commit to doing a deep spring cleaning, it'll make those regular cleanings much more manageable for weeks to come.

The idea of giving your home a spring cleaning may seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn't have to be. We've talked to a variety of cleaning experts to get the scoop on the best spring cleaning tips, and how to get your home looking spick and span—with as little scrubbing as possible.

Clean Tall Windows With a Swiffer Mop

Tall windows don't have to be a tall order! Use a Swiffer mop to clean tall or hard-to-reach windowpanes. Simply wrap some paper towels around your Swiffer, spray some glass cleaner, and wipe your way to sparkling clean windows.

Steam Clean Your Microwave

Look no further than your microwave itself for a quick and easy cleaning tip! You'll need to mix two cups of water and two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar in a bowl and heat it on high in your microwave until it comes to a boil. Let it stand inside for about three minutes and use a sponge or cloth to wipe your microwave clean.

Clean Your Bath Mats

If your bath mats are machine washable, this will be an easy one. Simply shake out any debris and then run your rug through a regular wash cycle on the cold setting. Most rugs can also be put in the dryer on low, but be sure to hang dry memory foam mats or ones with rubber backing.

Shake Out Your Doormats

Your doormats, whether indoor or outdoor, get a lot of foot traffic. Give them a good spring cleaning by shaking out debris outside, vacuuming them, and then rinsing them off with a garden hose to remove any lingering dirt.

Wash Your Brooms

Dust bunnies, be gone! To clean your broom, simply take it outside and smack it against a tree to loosen up all the dust and dirt. Then place your broom in a bucket filled with warm, soapy water and let it soak for 30 minutes for rinsing it off with warm water.

Give Your Toilet Bowl a White Vinegar Bath

To eliminate hard water stains inside your toilet, soak toilet paper in white vinegar and let it sit on top of the stain overnight. Then simply flush to rinse away the stains!

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