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Best Spring Flowers for the Most Beautiful Backyard Display

Is there anything better than seeing the first flowers of spring peeking out after a long, cold winter? Even when there's still snow on the ground, we're treated to early spring bloomers like glory of the snow, snowdrops, and crocuses, reminding us all of the sunny days ahead. Whether you choose annuals to replant each season or perennials that come back year after year, including a variety of spring flowers in your landscaping ideas will provide constant blooms from early spring until the warmer days of summer arrive.

The most important factor when planning your garden is making sure you give your plants exactly what they need. To start, you'll want to clearly read the plant's label. Full sun means six or more hours of direct sunlight; part sun means about half of that. On the other hand, full shade means no direct sunlight or only a tiny bit of mild morning sun. Sun lovers will not bloom in shade, and shade lovers will sizzle if you plant them in direct sun. Finally, make sure when you’re planting perennials that you choose those that can survive winters in your USDA hardiness zone.

Before you start planning your garden with these beautiful spring flowers, make sure you have the right gear first. Grab a pair of gardening gloves and gardening shoes and then get to work!

Spring Flower: Snowdrop

This cheerful flower is one of the first to bloom in the spring. It's extremely easy to care for and can be planted in a variety of places in your yard. Plant snowdrops in early to late fall, depending on where you live.

Spring Flower: Diascia

These delicate flowers are perfect for using in hanging baskets because of their trailing growth habit. They come in a variety of pretty pink shades, including mauve, rose, and coral, and flower nonstop from late spring into the autumn.

Spring Flower: Wallflowers

These fragrant blooms are easy to grow and would make great additions to any garden. Plant them 10 to 12 weeks before the last frost in your area, in a sunny position with well-draining soil.

Spring Flower: Bluebells

You know spring is in full swing when you see these pretty blue-violet flowers in full bloom. In addition to beautifying your garden, they also make great cut flowers.

Spring Flower: Pussy Willow

This unique shrub with its furry little catkins would make a striking addition to your yard. Cut and preserve the branches to use in decorative arrangements for yourself and your friends!

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