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Shhhh...Top Secrets for Decorating!

Can you keep a secret? We recently uncovered some incredible secrets for keeping your home in tip top decorating shape!

Cut Pre-Made Tile for a Custom Look

Cut readily available materials that are in standard sizes into smaller sizes of those same tiles. The design duo used this budget-friendly method to create the custom tile design in the bathroom.

Fake a Window Using Mirrors

In a basement room with no windows ,you can combine two mirrors to fake a window. It brightens up the space and makes it feel bigger.

Hide a Radiator With a Cabinet

A radiator can easily throw off your design vision. Make it a part of the room by building a cabinet over it. You can buy a cabinet or make on with materials in your home!

Make Your Own Art

Even if you're not an artist you can create some great art to tie your whole design together. Sites like YouTube and Pinterest can offer great tutorial.

Learn more tips here:

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