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Spring Decorating Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

Ah, spring—the season of sunshine, cute floral dresses, and Oklahoma redbuds. It's downright magical and not just outside, either. In fact, once you see the spring decorating ideas we've compiled here, you might just start to think of the season as something that happens inside your home!

Ahead, we've got spring décor tutorials, craft projects, and general home inspiration for just about every design style out there. Want to give your kitchen a makeover as soon as March rolls around?

So many of these ideas double as Easter decorations, too. There's no scarcity of bunnies and chicks! And our ideas don't stop at your entryway, either. Step outside to adorn your front door with a crafty wreath—perhaps one made of a watering can, or one covered in vintage seed packets for planting spring flowers. We can't imagine a better or more creative way to welcome in your springtime guests—not to mention the season itself!

Create a Beautiful Tablescape

Whether you've got a spring event in mind like Mother's Day or Easter—or are looking to brighten up your every day dining area for the season, arranging a vibrant tablescape will certainly add new life to your home. A few items to try: a patterned table runner, floral centerpieces, colorful plates, glasses, and placemats.

Redecorate the Mantel

As the focal point of your living room, the mantel should be one of the first things you revamp each season. Stay on-theme by using go-to items like mirrors, candlesticks, and books then merging them with seasonal plants and figurines. When choosing your pieces, consider things like height, texture, and color—but, don't overcrowd it.

Swap Out Wall Art

If you typically let your paintings and photographs become permanent fixtures on your wall, it's the perfect time to break that habit. Replace your old framed prints with more colorful images and art like this DIY dried floral décor. It'll add just the right amount of charm to your space.

Change Your Curtains

It's time to let the light in—literally. Take down your heavier drapes and put up some beautifully breezy window coverings in their place. Anything sheer and sun-filtering like gossamer, lace, or cotton will do. Linen also makes for a great warm weather fabric.

DIY Topiary Trees

Is the garden one of your favorite places to be when spring rolls around? If so, move some of that greenery inside by making elegant DIY topiary trees. These are made of faux foliage, but you could also try real plants. Bonus points: They'll only cost you around $5 to make.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If you moved around your furniture during the winter to accommodate your Christmas tree, now is the perfect time to switch it up again. Shift your seating arrangements and accent pieces for the ultimate refresh. Since spring is about all things light and airy, go for placements that open up the room.

Add a Vibrant Rug

It's no secret that a rug can completely change the look of any space. So, if you're trying to liven up your living room or bedroom, switch out your current area rug for a style that adds a pop of color. We love how the pink rug here is perfectly accentuated by subtle pieces like pillows and flowers.

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