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What to do if your shower power is low.

Are you craving a little more pressure in your shower?

While changing out your shower head can be a solution, its not the end all to the situation. Here are some practical tips from experts!


First check your water mains valve, that is commonly found under the kitchen sink. The valve should be completely open to allow water to flow through easily, so even if it is just slightly closed, then this can restrict its flow.

If your water pressure is normal with some taps but not with others, then this would be a sign of a localized blocked pipe, which can especially be an issue if you live in a hard water area with high levels of limescale. Check your taps and if there is significant limescale present, then this could be a sign that limescale may be the issue.

If the water supply is downhill and far away from your home, then you will naturally struggle to get a strong water supply than a home closer to the water supply.

Though a big investment, a water softener will reduce the hard water minerals in your H2O. Soft(er) water has so many benefits for your skin and hair, so is an all-round winner in the home.

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